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Judy's Other Books

The Lady

By Judy Higgins

Scandal, Mystery, Romance
. . . and a secret that blows the heroine’s world apart.
Finalist in Amazon Breakout Novel Contest

South Georgia, 1956: Quincy Bruce is ecstatic! She’s going to live with her Aunt Addy while her parents traipse around Africa saving souls.

Her aunt is all the things her parents are not: exciting, adventurous, educated, and not so offensively pious. Addy is also rich. Not that Quincy cares much about money. What she does care about is that Addy is the only person who supports her ambition to become a musician.

Addy, a war widow, once typed manuscripts for the famous author, Nathan Waterstone (now dead). As Quincy prepares to move in with Addy, another aunt accuses Addy of having been the inspiration for the adulterous woman in Nathan’s infamous World War II novel, The Lady. Quincy, horrified at the accusation, sets out to find out who the real Lady was in order to prove her aunt’s innocence. Instead, Quincy discovers a secret that blows her world apart.

Cover by Nat Jones, anatsacover.com

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Bucks County Mysteries

Unringing the Bell

In Goose Bend, PA people don’t forget. Especially something as sensational as twelve-year-old Jacob Gillis accidentally burning down the town. Hoping for redemption, Jacob returns to Goose Bend nineteen years after the fire as an attorney specializing in environmental issues. He thinks his chance for atonement has come when the DA asks him to help with research in an environmental suit. When the local dance teacher is murdered, Jacob’s god father, Detective William Laskey, is assigned the case. Jacob becomes involved with the victim’s sister-in-law, an act that doesn’t go unnoticed by a politically ambitious prosecutor. The prosecutor, anxious for a speedy trial but lacking adequate evidence, tries to force Jacob to give false testimony in the murder trial, threatening to charge him with a breach of ethics if he refuses. Only by outwitting the DA and finding the real murderer can Jacob save his reputation and career as well as the reputation and career of his godfather.

Available March 1, 2018

Cover by Nat Jones, anatsacover.com  


Bride of the Wind

Rebekah, the only daughter of Goose Bend’s token Jewish family goes missing on her way home from Jordan where she works for Doctors Without Borders.  Detective William Laskey, a friend of the family, is called on to help find her. When a ransom note arrives asking for part of the family’s art collection instead of money, Laskey is puzzled. If the culprit(s) wanted the art work, a theft would have been easier and less risky than a kidnapping. When Laskey learns that the paintings were smuggled from Nazi-era Austria, he must go back in time to an incident in prewar Vienna in order to solve the mystery and save Rebekah’s life.

Available March 1, 2018

Cover by Nat Jones, anatsacover.com   


Upcoming Novels in the Bucks County Mystery Series:

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Death by Oboe
A sixteen-year-old girl holds the key to the attempted murder of her mother,
but the girl, a talented cellist and a collector of exotic animals, isn’t talking!

Sweet Rosy

The table is set, the turkey carved, and everyone is ready for the Thanksgiving feast. Only Laskey isn’t there yet. Then, a phone call: Laskey has been shot.

Copyright 2018 Judy Higgins
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