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The Lady
Unringing the Bell
Bride of the Wind
Call me Mara; the Story of Ruth and Naomi (available November, 2018)
Defiling the Temple
Various articles in Upstart (for school librarians)



Judy was born in South Georgia where she grew up playing baseball, reading, and learning to play the piano. To pay for her music lessons, she raised chickens and sold eggs to neighbors. She attended Mercer University for two years, Baylor University from which she graduated with a BA in German, and then The University of Michigan where she received an MA in German literature. The next few years were spent raising two children and teaching. When her husband died, she decided to become a librarian. She earned an MA in Library Science at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania.

Life took an exciting turn when Judy left her teaching job in Pennsylvania to be Head of Library at the Learning Center School of Qatar Foundation. While living in Qatar she indulged her passion for traveling, visiting many countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. After eight years in the Middle East, Judy returned to The United States and did what she’d always wanted to do: write a novel.

Judy’s first book, The Lady, was a finalist in the 2012 Amazon Break-out Novel Award. A new edition of The Lady is scheduled for publication in February, 2018 along with the first two novels of the Bucks County Mystery Series, Unringing the Bell and Bride of the Wind. The series is set in an imaginary small town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In November, 2018, Call me Mara, the story of Ruth and Naomi, is due to be published.

Judy lives in Lexington, KY. She has two children, Julia and Stephen, two children-in-law, Jim and Erin, and four grandchildren: Kyle, Jon, Karina, and Addy.

In addition to writing, Judy’s passions include travel, tennis, elephants, and playing the piano.


Amazon Breakout Novel Award finalist
Winner of Voice of Democracy Essay Contest
Winner of Royal Portable Essay Contest
State of Georgia Current Topics Essay contest


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With member of Long-Neck Tribe in Thailand

In Burma


Sample review:
From Music Clubs Magazine, Spring 2014, Vol. 93. No. 3
The Lady
NFMC member, Judy Higgins, has written a prizewinning and highly praised novel in which music is a central theme. Set in South Georgia during 1956-57, The Lady takes the reader back to the same era and part of the country as The Help.
When sixteen-year-old Quincy Bruce goes to live with her Aunt Addy, she has no idea that what happened thirteen years earlier in wartime London can destroy her future as a musician. Her parents have gone to Africa as missionaries, leaving Quincy with her free-spirited and lively aunt, a war widow, and the only person who supports Quincy’s ambition to become a pianist. When another aunt accuses Addy of having been the inspiration for the adulterous woman in Nathan Waterstones’s infamous novel, The Lady, Quincy vows to prove her wrong. As Quincy settles into her new life with Addy, she sets about unraveling the secrets of Addy’s life, and of Nathan’s, in an effort to discover the true identity of the Lady. When she makes a discovery of a different type, Quincy’s dreams of becoming a pianist come crashing down.
Reviewers have lauded Judy Higgins’ ability to capture a character perfectly in just a few words. Her book was a semi-finalist in the 2012 Amazon Break-out Novel Contest (Top 50 out of 5,000 entries). Suzuki Association members will enjoy this mix of mystery, romance, and the quest of a young girl to achieve her dream. The book is available at select book stores and from Amazon. See Judy’s website at http://www.judyhigginsbooks.com.


Praise for the Author’s Work:
The Lady:
This is not a good book. This is a great book. I read a lot. Way more than I should. I am an addict. I admit it. And it has been years since I read a novel as good as The Lady. It is by far the best first novel I have had the pleasure and the joy of reading. The writing is lyrical, the story is fresh, the characters beautifully and passionately drawn and the suspense carefully nurtured until the last chapter. I implore you to read it. This is one of those books that I will reread for the enjoyment, and I reread very few books because there are so many of them and so little time.
Higgins did a great job bringing together an original story with skillful pacing and characters who have an authentic feel to them. As each new character was introduced, I knew someone in my own life who would parallel him or her, so emotionally relating to the story was easy. And unlike so many other stories, I really enjoyed the ending. The greatest endorsement I can give the novel is that the mystery compelled me to finish the last half of the book in a single evening. I just *had* to know how things would be resolved.

I loved it, and Addy might be my new fictional role model.
The Lady is a fine-coming-of-age story set in the late 1950’s. The author presents not only a fascinating tale of a World War II era secret, but a tale of manners and ethics that will truly shape the young heroine. An interesting read with some compelling answers that will appeal to a cross-section of people in the same way that The Help personalized the struggles of black maids in 1960’s Mississippi. __ ABNA Expert Reviewer
Quincy is an engaging protagonist, part young woman, part immature girl, who is at once trying to forge a future for herself while seeking to uncover hidden details about the past. Racial divides and small-town prejudices add depth to this uniquely crafted novel with expert plotting and effortless pacing. ABNA Publishers Weekly Reviewer

Copyright 2018 Judy Higgins
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